The architecture of the Ethereum blockchain

The above post focuses on defi (decentralized Finance), which is one of the most active applications in Ethereum network. As of press time, accoThe architecture of the Ethereum blockchainrding to DAPP total, nearly $937 million was locked into the defi app - a figure that has been growing rapidly in 2019.

If you are unable to verify the block node, you should also try to participate in the network to verify the Ethereum network. The reason is mentioned in this article that it is not necessary to verify all the things in the chain. You can selectively verify, such as verifying data availability, or verifying fraud proofs, or even running a light node. This can also prevent you from trusting a node. This kind of autonomous behavior is not only good for users themselves, but also beneficial to the whole Ethereum ecosystem.

However, different from the previous two big cake sucking blood and the weakneThe architecture of the Ethereum blockchainss of mainstream Shanzhai, Ethereum took the lead in breaking through the February high of 288 US dollars on July 25, breaking through 300 US dollars all the way, reaching the highest of 329 US dollars, leading the rise with absolute strength. Other mainstream currencies also rose to varying degrees during the week, but bitcoin came late and finally started to rise sharply yesterday afternoon.

The aleth interpreter also switches from using boost:: multiprecision to the intx library. This is a step in releasing the aleth interpreter without relying on boost, but also allows some interesting benchmarks to see how inefficient the 256 bit integer boost implementation is for our needs.

From the application level, users can develop programs through the programming language provided by the Ethereum platform. Just like contracts in life, everyone formulates the rules, and then writes the rules to the Ethereum platform. If a certain condition is met, something can be done. After completing the first set of instructions, the next oneThe architecture of the Ethereum blockchain will be executed,