Ethereum technical chart

Tether and Bitcoin are rising in value, while certain fiat currencies are falling in value. We believe that this year's transformation of Tether has exceeded the systematic risk of encrypted assets that many people believe. This actually marks the bottoming of the Bitcoin price and reached a critical turning point. Although Tether has received negatEthereum technical chartive accusations from the New York Attorney General's Office, Tether still dominates the crypto market by relying on its resilience, and it has also helped Bitcoin reverse the adverse situation. Our analysis chart shows that when the New York Attorney General's Office made a comment in April this year, the Bitcoin price was not significantly affected, and a smooth transition from the $5,000 resistance level.

A smart contract usually does technically describe the content that the supplier confirms to exist, and providing qualified certificates for confirming these content can increase the general acceptance of smart contracts and make the public trust them. For users without a specific technical background, one difficulty is to check the actual content of the smart contract in comparison with the presented content. So far, there is no specific authentication procedure in the blockchain/smart contract field. The federal government will explore the possibility of introducing certification procedures, and developers and technology providers can use these certifications on a voluntary basis to increase trust in the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

From 12 o'clock on March 12th to 12 o'clock noon on March 13, in just 24 hours, Bitcoin, which has been declining for a week, began to fall from 7,600 US dollars, and first fell to 5,500 US dollars. The follow-up went all the way down, with the lowest price dropping to 3,600 US dollars. The overall market value instantly evaporated 55 billion US dollars, and the entire network broke up more than 20 billion RMB, and the price was accurately halved.

The tool attributes of DeFi aggregators are very strong, which also means that there will be some negative effects: there is not much control over upstream users and lower-level flow protocols. The transaction pool used by the DeFi aggregator is originally in the open network, and competitors can also access and use it; while the aggregator is applied to the user side, the network effect is often difficult to accumulate, causing the loss of users too easily.

Electricity fee is not a unique value. The price of the shut-down coin just now is calculated at 0.35 yuan, and mining is a global activity, not that the global electricity bill is the same price, that is, even if the price of the shut-down coin is reached after the halving It’s still possible to boot from another place. "Someone turned off the machine for 0.39 yuan. I can cut off his computing power because my electricity bill is less than 0.2 yuan."

The fourth level, in terms of IP address mapping, it uses the "Dandelion Protocol" to obscure the relationship between the transaction party’s IP and the transaction itself, so the four levels protect privacy. From the perspective of Grin's privacy-protecting transaction charactEthereum technical charteristics, it may be a difficult point. The biggest point for me is that interactive transactions are a very special difficulty, and there is a future mobile computing trend that is super thousand. It is also a difficult point and will do it in the future.

On January 3, the US air attacked the Iraqi capital Baghdad International Airport, killing at least eight people, including Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Brigade under the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. After the turmoil, the intraday increase of BTC was 46%, and the local BTC price in Iran was as high as $30,000. As of the evening of January 7, the peer-to-peer trading platform LocalBitcoins showed that the price of buying and selling bitcoin in Iran was as high as about 1.1 billion Iranian rials, about 60,000 US dollars.

On August 9, Global Digital Currency Asset Management Grayscale Investments released a research report stating that the global liquidity crisis brought about by trade frictions has opened the curtain of currency devaluation; Bitcoin’s value storage potential, spending characteristics, and The growth potential brought by the new technology is enough to make the original cryptocurrency a unique asset.