Ethereum blockchain use

Btcceo solemnly said that Rome was not built in a day. The ETH beacon chain only supports the stacking function. The segment launch time of phase 1 is in 2021. After it is launched, it can only be put into trial operation, but still does not support transfer and smart contract. However, the new virtual machine ewasm of stage 2 and its supporting smart contract and cross segment transfer will take a long timEthereum blockchain usee. Eth2.0 will not affect POW miners for a few years, and the final replacement of pow requires eth2.0 to be successful enough. During this period, the large storage miners can enjoy a period of time after the decline of the whole network computing power. The first stage of eth2.0 will attract some eth to lock the warehouse, which will be more beneficial to these miners. "

Fortunately, there are a number of techniques that can help us combine zero knowledge proof, encryption, and other cryptography techniques to obtain the exact set of privacy and verifiability attributes we need. It has also been proposed to verify that private keys are actually owned by individuals,

(translator's note: the Cantillon effect is the redistribution of wealth caused by the gradual injection ofEthereum blockchain use additional money into the economy, because the devaluation of the value of money does not happen once in a while, but gradually. Someone can get the devalued currency first and use it first

Compared with the trading volume of the central exchange (CEX), the size of DEX is still small, but it is growing rapidly. It is worth noting that from March to April this year, the trading volume of CEX was close to the historical high, so the growth of Dex in the same period was particularly strong.

So far yesterday, BTC fluctuated horizontally in the range of 7100 to 7400 US dollars, and the net outflow of market capital was weakened, and there was no large amount of capital outflow. Today's counterfeit currency performance is relatively strong, the market sentiment is still bullish, after the adjustment, it is moreEthereum blockchain use likely to attack $7800.