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As a storage market, the processing speed of side chain and fragmentation may become the bottleneck of application development. Ethereum has done a lot of exploration, and the implementation of shading is gradually advancing. In this process, can the combination of filecoin and Ethereum be closer? At present, the application of Ethereum + IPFs can not be separated from the maintenance and operation of application developers, and has not realized complete automation. If filecoin and Ethereum can be combined by bridging, such as using side chain technology or slicing technology. Completely decentralized data related applications can be impCasper Ethereumlemented naturally.

I used it for a while, and now I use less. So, it's a fact that teachers who earn 60000 dollars are as important as me. So, you can take all the money away. I really don't care. Anyway, it was an interesting trip. I think I've created a series of wonderful memories for myself. It's a wonderful journey, and I hope to experience it for another 50 years.

Erisx5 launched a physical settlement Ethereum futures contract approved by CFTC on November 11, which means that investors will actually hold Ethereum instead of the equivalent French currency. Individual and institutional investors will be able to trade eth / USD futures with a term of three months (quarterly) or one month.

From the application layer, loopring and Aztec solve the transaction and privacy requirements of the user chain respectively. Lu Yin loopring's decentralized exchange is one of the fastest development projects in the current rollup project. As early as the end of February, it has been on the Ethereum main network and started public testing.

Vitalik himself has repeatedly called on the community to pay attention to and use rollup. At the beginning of this month, vitalik wrote an article on the Ethereum magician forum in detail. If rolup is taken as the future development center of Ethereum, what adjustments should be made to the roadmap of Ethereum?

That is to say, on a personal level, it may not matter. This back and forth transfer can be accomplished by robots, but it is not clear whether too much value will be lost inCasper Ethereum it, because unlike chain bifurcations, each person has only one token, but there are likely to be two different prices.

The rollup solution, on the other hand, can be considered a compression technology. Multiple transactions can be compressed together to reduce transaction size and transaction validation costs, allowing Ethereum chain to process more transactions. In this case, all transaction data is still stored on Ethereum blockchain, which improves the security of layer2 transactions.

That makes sense! The valuation of these assets can be derived from the basic costs generated by their markets, or from the "real" figures or financial assets they represent. Even though most encrypted assets are relevant, we have begun to see that over time, assets with real economic models form a separation from other assets over time.