Ethereum prediction 2019

It is a trend for traditional institutions to enter the market with customers and compliance advantages. In addition to the banking/custodial category, do not underestimate traditional payments such as Visa and Mastercard, as they tend to sink to a lower level of infrastructure. Visa announced a partnership with CircleInternetFinancial to integrate the stable currency USDC into the Visa payment network. Circle currently joins Visa's FastTrack project. If it graduates successfully next year, Visa will be able to issue a credit card with USDC payment function, and any merchant using this credit card can accept USDC payment. This reveals some of Ethereum prediction 2019Visa's ambitions. Assuming that the crypto entry/payment service network will continue to be integrated into Visa in the future, in fact, crypto can be seamlessly connected to the traditional payment network, and Visa will become a gateway for crypto clearing and settlement. Earlier, Visa and many blockchain companies such as BlockFi and Coinbase have announced cooperation and announced the joint issuance of credit/debit cards that can be paid in digital currency. Visa's model may be more favored by cryptonative companies.

On December 14, the Dalian Vehicle Information Blockchain Credit Platform, led by the State Administration of Taxation Dalian Taxation Bureau and developed by Aerospace Information (60027), held a launch ceremony. At the launch ceremony, the Bank of Communications passed the vehicle information blockchain credit The on-chain information of the platform has completed the auto loan business, marking the entry of the Dalian blockchain construction into the practical application stage. In the future, Aerospace Information will help the Dalian Taxation Bureau continue to promote cooperation among alliance members, and continue to expand the alliance member units, adding The nodes of the alliance chain enrich the information on the chain and form a blockchain application ecology that serves the whole society. (China Business News)

Take the central bank as an example. All theories and technologies of the official digital currency have been completed, but why hasn't a digital currency been issued yet? The reason is simple. Once issued, the new digital currency will break through all bank account systems, that is, at least The level of foreign exchange control has been broken, because all your payments and transactions are based on digital currency wallets, not banks, which are intermediaries (banks only provide a wallet custody).

Due diligence materials: due diligence materials are materials requested from the team after the investor has contact with the team and is interested in the team. Generally speaking, due diligence materials are more detailed and richer than the above materials. A detailed list of due diligence materials will be issued by the investor. Generally speaking, due diligence materials will include basic materials such as company registration certificate, shareholding structure table, key contracts, and labor contracts for key positions.

A way to consider is to allow giant whales (people who hold a large number of bitcoins) and holders who are extremely interested in maintaining the security of bitcoins to create a fund through investment and generate "transactions that can be spent by anyone" Coin DAO), miners can declare these transactions at a certain block height, and these transactions can become privately funded block subsidies. The advantage of this solution is that there is no need to change the agreement.

A digital asset infrastructure platform that combines the three characteristics of asset cross-chain, privacy protection, and smart contracts in Wanwei Chain. Its purpose is similar to Fusion: complete the link and value exchange of different blockchain networks in a decentralized manner, and establish one A distributed bank of the future. Its ultimate goal is to build a distributed digital asset financial infrastructure. Wanchain completes the link and value exchange of different blockchain ledgers in a distributed way. It proposeEthereum prediction 2019s a universal cross-chain protocol and a distributed ledger that records cross-chain transactions and intra-chain transactions. Public chains, private chains, and alliance chains can all be connected to the Wanchain at low cost to realize the connection of different blockchain ledgers and the transfer of assets across ledgers. Any institution or individual can open its own business window in Wanchain, and provide services such as deposit and loan, exchange, payment, and settlement based on digital assets. Through the guarantee of blockchain-based infrastructure provided by Wanchain, more people can enjoy richer digital asset-based financial services

And F2PoolCOO also revealed during the live broadcast of Lieyun Finance that in some places, mines were directly shut down and the operation and maintenance personnel were cleared, and in some places, they could only get in and out, and some were overcorrected. According to his calculations, if there is no epidemic, there will be a 20-day difference between the time of boarding the plane after the holiday and that after the holiday, but now it is very likely that the new plane will be delayed until March. This is bad news for miners who want to enter the market or make additional investments, but there are cloud computing power to consider, or directly invest in the secondary market.

The 1970s and 1980s was the rooting period of the Internet from the previous LAN era, which was full of flowers, to the Internet era of real interconnection. Prior to this, the Internet standards were full of tricks, including the later Internet standard TCP/IP. These standards can be regarded as folk standards. In 1981, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced the OSI (Open System Interconnection) standard. Although ISO is not an official organization in the strict sense, and its standards are not compulsory, it is undoubtedly more official and authoritative than those organizations that include the TCP/IP standard. It is precisely for this reason that after the OSI standard was launched, many authorities and experts at that time placed high expectations on it. As an Internet standard, OSI still holds a place in many textbooks.

One is the development of capacity expansion technology to solve efficiency problems. Ethereum brings the concept of decentralized applications to the market, and at the same time throws the problem to developers, which is efficiency. How to improve the operating efficiency of the public chain has also become a major issue considered by developers. The market has been caught in the discussion about TPS, and proposed a series of solutions: such as EOS, TRON's DPOS consensus mechanism, YeeCo's full sharding technology and parallel mining, etc.