Bitcoin and Ethereum

Of course, mining fees don't tell everything. BCH, BSV, and Litecoin miners, in addition to the increased handling fee for each transaction in a block, can also obtain block rewards generated by new blocks. Although these revenues can indeed offset the low fees at present, theBitcoin and Ethereumse networks will also systematically reduce the block rewards generated by new blocks according to the settings, which is known as the "halving event".

In addition, Baidu also launched the first domestic solution for digital identity applications-Baidu Smart Cloud 5G blockchain face digital identity solution, which combines 5G and actual application scenarios, based on Baidu Smart Cloud Tianlian platform protection Privacy and confidence in identity will play a huge role in the coming 5G era.

The origin of the word blockchain is chainofblocks in the original English version of the Bitcoin white paper. When the market translates this sentence, the word blockchain is used directly, and then the word is directly written as blockchain, which becomes the entire block in the world today. A proper noun at the technical level of the chain.

This new battlefield is related to human evolution. Aaron McCollum described in the book "The Pandemic" published in 2013 that the goal of transhumanists is to comprehensively evolve the human race faster than organic evolution allows, and create post-human civilization, also known as human 0. As the machine unswervingly took over the life world, a new algorithm emerged that included the book of nature.

For example, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) said that he would vote for $10,000 in bitcoin every week, which is a drop in the value of his billions of dollars. The important thing is that he will not buy bitcoin. Put it on the exchange, but control the private key by itself, so as to control the risk to the lowest degree.

According to data from Coin, in just 24 hours, the number ofBitcoin and Ethereum people who suffered liquidation on the entire network exceeded 100,000. The largest single liquidation order occurred in Huobi. The value of BTC was about 58.32 million U.S. dollars, and the total amount of liquidation on the entire network was 23. Billion US dollars, or about 20.5 billion yuan. What is the concept of the 20.5 billion figure? In the NEEQ market in 2019, the highest monthly transaction volume in the whole year was March, and the transaction volume was just 8.7 billion yuan. The real so-called currency circle is one hour and the NEEQ one month.

Satoshi Nakamoto's original vision is that everyone can use their own computing power (PC CPU computing power) to participate in the mining of BTC, thereby building a decentralized network. As Satoshi Nakamoto said in the BTC white paper, They vote with theirCPUpower (nodes vote by CPU computing power).

Time Stamp Capital is a professional blockchain investment institution relying on Babbitt, focusing on research, investment and consulting services in the blockchain field. Li Zongcheng is a partner of Babbitt and CEO of Timestamp Capital. He has a deep understanding of the application of blockchain technology in the financial field. He has rich experience in equity investment and digital currency asset investment in the blockchain field, leading the time stamp Capital compares the cornerstone investment of the original chain, Ontology, Fcoin, AELF and other projects.

In the early morning of last Friday (December 13), the New York Fed issued its latest repurchase operation statement. The statement shows that the New York Fed will continue to provide regular two-week repurchase operations twice a week, four of which are inter-annual. In addition, another long-term cross-year repurchase operation will be provided. This alone will inject at least US$50 billion into the market, but the amount of this round of repurchase is far more than 50 billion.

Circle was founded in 2013 by JeremyAllaire and SeanNeville in Boston, USA. It is a consumer finance startup that provides digital currency storage and national currency exchange services. It uses technology to support Bitcoin to improve consumer payment methods. In 2015, Circle became the first company in the world to obtain a BitLicense from the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS).