Bitcoin vs Ethereum vs Dash

80. Platform operators should conduct all reasonable due diligence on such virtual assets before including any virtual assets for trading on their platform and ensure that they continue to comply with all the criteria that are included in their platform. The following is a list (non-exhaustive) of factors that platform opBitcoin vs Ethereum vs Dasherators must consider when applicable:

Conversely, if you are a miner and want to lock in the earnings of mining bitcoin in advance, then you can buy a put option with an exercise price of $8,500 after 4 months, if the bitcoin falls to $6,000 after 4 months After you exercise the option, you can still sell it at the unit price of $8,500. In the same way, if Bitcoin rises sharply, you can sell it in the spot market instead of exercising the option. Perhaps you are already confused about the ups and downs trading, there will be an explanation of option call/put + buy/sell below.

In Zhong Jiadong's view, the cloud is the infrastructure of the traditional information Internet, and the blockchain is the infrastructure of trusting the Internet. The information Internet has brought about a high degree of prosperity and rapid circulation of information, and at the same time it has produced a lot of junk data. The emergence of AI and big data has allowed us to refine these data into valuable data, but the data itself still has to be circulated. How to realize the safe and reliable circulation of data is the problem solved by the blockchain.

As an industry portal exchange, Coinbase is cautious in listing currency. Projects that enter the survey name will have a certain probability of listing, which will bring a lot of liquidity to the project. We hope that our model and prediction results will bring some clues to investors who are concerned about the Coinbase listing plan and hope to capture investment opportunities in the "Coinbase Effect".

After BCH has made a breakthrough in the upper track of the triangle structure formed in the past period and has stepped out of a wave of accelerated rise as scheduled, ETH seems to be expected to repeat this rise. At present, ETH has also come to the end of the convergent triangle structure formed in the past half a month. The remaining space in the consolidation interval is very limited. In the short term, the need for a breakthrough in the upper and lower rails of this triangle and a new round of direction selection is imminent, so it is expected In the 4-hour level graph, the next time the price touches this triangle edge trend line, it is likely to have a wave of rapid market breaks. Therefore, the 205-216 area composed of upper and lower rails deserves short-term focus.

Various data currently conflict with forecasts of bottom prices, and it is difficult for market participants to directly observe the direction of price development. At the beginning of Bitcoin vs Ethereum vs Dashlast week, Bitcoin rose as the stock market rebounded, but it did not break through the $7000 resistance level above. In view of the recent decline in the correlation between the stock market and Bitcoin, but it still remains high, we need to keep an eye on the direction of macroeconomic changes. For example, as the new coronavirus continues to spread, will the stock market fall again, or will it reverse its rise as more economic stimulus measures are introduced. At the same time, we must also observe whether Bitcoin will continue to follow the stock trend, or will completely decouple after a certain point in time.

Different from the relatively clear cash attributes of legal digital currency, private digital currency is essentially a new form of commodity in encrypted form. Due to the huge price fluctuations, if information is not fully disclosed, it is easy to cause market participants due to information asymmetry Make a wrong judgment. Therefore, it is recommended to standardize the information disclosure requirements of digital currency holders, including the composition of the project, the reasons for division into corresponding subjects, accounting policies related to digital currency accounting, and the method of determining fair value. For the presentation of digital currency in financial reports, it is necessary to formulate additional reporting requirements adapted to the characteristics of digital currency to increase the comparability of financial reports; detailed disclosure of the initial cost of digital currency, changes in fair value, or profit and loss in the notes to the financial statements , And reveal the risks associated with holding and trading digital currencies. Strengthen the coordination of financial supervision, taxation regulations, accounting standards and other fields, and give full play to the role of digital currency accounting information in supervision

Another project worthy of attention is MaticNetwork, which uses an improved version of Plasma with a commissioned PoS sidechain, and will also expand Ethereum. This solution can not only use the advantages of a centralized system to improve the scalability and throughput of the blockchain network, but also support the native decentralized low-trust fallback function of Ethereum.

User privacy and security, the situation of distributed network products has not improved, but is in a worsening situation. The leakage and sale of user identity information has become the biggest hidden danger of the Internet. Most users’ account passwords will be repeated on multiple platforms. The army will be annihilated, and the huge losses caused by hacking have become a social phenomenon.

However, a positive USDT premium does not always mean that cryptocurrencies will rise. As can be seen from the above figure, after July this year, although USDT still has a positive premium, the price of BTC has gradually fallen. This is mainly because more investors exchange assets such as BTC for USDT for hedging, thereby pushing up the price of USDT.

In addition, in terms of cross-border payments, blockchain also shows great energy. Banks of various countries can greatly reduce the cost of cross-border payments by jointly building accounts. Wanxiang Xiao Feng said in a recent interview that the InBitcoin vs Ethereum vs Dashterbank Information Network (IIN) launched by JPMorgan Chase in 2018 saves mid- and back-office costs and increases in-transit capital income through blockchain, and revenue has increased by 7 billion US dollars.