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On December 3, US Eastern time, the change of gray trust position data is as follows: gray BTC trust position increased by 539 (+ 0.10%), the total position was 547083btc; gray eth trust position Asic Ethereum Minerincreased by 47278 (+ 1.72%), the total position was 2798674eth. Link to this article: . HTML Heqi financial warm tips, reprint please indicate the source of the article label: gray bitcoin Ethereum

Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchains, thanks to its programmability. Since its launch in 2015, blockchain has been committed to building the foundation for the new generation of Internet. With Ethereum, developers can build a network that allows users to own their own data, access open financial systems, secure currency and payment transactions without being controlled by any central entity.

He said: "the currency continues to lock in; the price continues to rise; the calculation power continues to increase, and the miners contiAsic Ethereum Minernue to dig. These three are the three most likely situations at this stage. But if we look at the scale a little longer, I am more concerned about the current wave of miners' choices from 1.0 to 2.0. "

In the early days, the network upgrade process worked well and the total number of EIPs was relatively small. In the past few years, the number of EIPs on how to improve the network has doubled as the number of contributors to the Ethereum blockchain has increased dramatically. This increases the complexity and leads to a discussion on how to design a formal process for network upgrade EIP.

These additional node types (leaf nodes and expansion nodes) theoretically save the memory needed to store trie, Asic Ethereum Minerbut they complicate the algorithm for modifying the state in a regular database. Of course, a powerful computer can perform this process very quickly. However, pure processing capacity will also have bottlenecks.