Ethereum blockchain

Trading hEthereum blockchainistory shows the sum of voting changes over the life of the market. On August 23, a significant change was that 59% predicted Biden would lose, but on September 8, the collective result turned to Biden, which showed Biden had a 64% chance of winning. Since then, the market has maintained some stability, with 60% believing Biden will win and 40% believing trump will win. Today, the situation has changed, and the current market forecast is that trump has a greater chance to win.

In order to achieve the ultimate certainty of the blockchain (to ensure that the state does not roll back), honest verifiers will provide two other votes in their witness message to drive the Casper the final gadget (FFG) algorithm of Ethereum version 2.0: one vote for the latest justified epoch (as a source checkpoint), and the other for the latest epoch boundary( As a target checkpoint).

More utilities for BTC were obvious, but I was excited when renvm began to support state backed digital assets (central bank digital currency). The current situation will accelerate the development, and the real catalyst in the field of defi emerges as the times require.

Because eth1 engine completely relies on eth2 client to promote consensus, we propose that the communication between eth2 client and eth1 engine is all the methods on eth1 engine called by eth2 client (such as addblock, getblockproposal, etc.). This enforces a leader / follower relationship to reduce the complexity of system reasoning and limit the business logic required by the eth1 engine.

In fact, there is a consensus among many big V companies in the circle. It seems that BTC is the most favorable one in the news. However, in the long run, ETH is more likely to be the bigger beneficiary. After all, when cryptocurrency begins to transform banks and the financial industry, the imagination brought by smart contract platform is almost unlimited, far greater than a "digital gold" used to maintain value or invest.

It seems that most of the supporters of Ethereum are pragmatists, and they don't think it's very important to make their public statemenEthereum blockchaints tough. (in fact, some people's words are easy to change. When coin an rolled back the crisis, I found (I was surprised) that the ideology of bitcoin's theocracy felt that the chain reorganization for several days was not against "no" Changeability.

The crazy transaction and withdrawal behavior of uniswap users brought a large number of transactions on the chain. In order to complete the transaction as soon as possible, many people directly raised the handling fee to the highest level. As a result, Ethereum, which had been unblocked for a few days, was blocked again. Oklink data shows that the proposed gas fee has soared to 309 Gwei, close to the historical high, and the real-time gas price has even exceeded 700 Gwei.