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Interlink the pulse and observe the blockchain application projects of government affairs. In 2018, the application of blockchain government tendered by the government focused on the judicial and micro-government fields. One is the bidding for the blockchain electronic data storage platform of the Smart Procuratorate Innovation Research Institute conducted by the Procurator Technology Information Research Center of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate in December 2018; the other is the Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone in July. ThEthereum download blockchaine Planning Bureau of Land, Infrastructure and Construction conducted a tender for the procurement project of the online taxi booking micro-government platform in the high-tech zone.

Liu Shengjun said that blockchain is currently being valued by the central government, but it does not mean that you can make money by doing blockchain. The challenge of blockchain maturity is speed and efficiency; the second is the policy risk faced in financial applications, and the current main application scenario of blockchain is the financial field; third, many people actually The enthusiasm for blockchain is misled by Bitcoin. Blockchain should be treated calmly.

Bitcoin has defeated the legal paper money issued by many national banks around the world. The currency devaluation caused by the impact of the epidemic has caused the Turkish paper currency lira to depreciate by more than 25% this year, leading to a significant increase in Bitcoin transactions in Turkey, Nigeria, Venezuela, Iran and Argentina. The situation is similar. The Argentine peso issued by the Bank of Argentina continues to depreciate. In October of this year, Argentina’s inflation rate exceeded 35%. Affected by this, Argentina’s domestic funds switched from paper money to Bitcoin, causing the price of Bitcoin in Argentina to exceed 33,000. The US dollar is a 40% premium to the normal price of global bitcoin.

From the history of currency development, currency has two revolutionary changes, namely physical currency and modern credit currency. The characteristic of physical currency is that it has its own intrinsic value, and uses its own value to measure the value of commodities, acting as a medium of commodity exchange. The modern credit currency system is closely connected with the state and modern economic and social organization. The standard currency issued by the state is supported by national credit, and behind it is the wealth of the entire society and the commodities traded. The state issues a standard currency according to the needs of the production and transaction of commodities in the whole society, guarantees the circulation of the standard currency by law, and maintains the stability of the value of the standard currency through the central adjustment mechanism, thereby maintaining the normal operation of the modern credit currency system. It is not difficult to see that the currency field is most in need of centralization, and the blockchain is precisely decentralized.

In addition to the endorsements of Google Ventures and Lightspeed Ventures, there seems to be a Japanese consortium behind Ripple. In September 2016, the Japanese consortium SBI Group acquired 5% of Ripple's shares for USD 55 million. The two parties also jointly established SBIRippleAsia in 2017, which is 60% owned by SBI Group.

The SEC has just begun to initiatEthereum download blockchaine a prosecution against Ripple. The SEC believes that Ripple is an unregistered security, but it has been illegally sold since 2013 until today. So it sued Ripple and its CEO Brad Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen.

However, some miners are still optimistic about the future Bitcoin price and remain optimistic about the expected Bitcoin halving event in May. From a medium to long-term perspective, we are very optimistic about prices, Xiao Yang, CEO of the cryptocurrency mining and mining company PandaMiner, said in an interview. Despite short-term fluctuations, we expect market demand to be at a relatively high level. From the supply side, it will become increasingly difficult to mine Bitcoin.

The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) plans to launch the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). CheaSerey, the director general of NBC, said that the Central Bank of Cambodia is currently developing the Cambodian National Payment Portal and using it as a blockchain-based peer-to-peer platform to issue specially designed Digital token. The Bakong project was designed by Soramitsu, a Japanese blockchain company. Soramitsu CEO Makoto Takemiya said that CBDC is just a tokenized version of the U.S. dollar and Cambodian fiat riel in the NBC reserve. The user will be able to set up a Bakong wallet, which will be automatically linked to the user's bank account and can easily convert fiat currency into CBDC in real time. The project is currently in the final stage of deployment, and the possibility of speculation using CBDC is zero.

The era of blockchain + has arrived! On the one hand, it is the foundation of theory, on the other hand it is practice first. The story of Blockchain+ has already happened. Beep News tries to present the true status quo of the industry blockchain by tracing the blockchain + various industries and asking the voices of industry blockchain practitioners. This article will talk about five industries: finance, justice, energy, agriculture, and public welfare.