Ethereum difficulty prediction

"Unlike 13 years, at that time miners were able to influence the price of BTC to a certain extent, but the futures market has doubled since the development of the mining circle, and capital has been deeply involved in the secondary market. It is no longer the era when miners can influence prices. According to her, many senior Ethereum difficulty predictionminers have started hoarding bitcoin and mining machines since the end of last year. However, some miners took a wait-and-see attitude and did not increase their positions. However, it is difficult to increase positions now.

A total of 7 trillion USD is in circulation. If we want Ethereum to meet this level of demand, the price of Ether will be 85 times the current price. (Blue Fox notes: This scale basically represents the size of the dollar economy. It is not so easy. At least in terms of time, this can not be achieved in a few years.)

According to our newspaper, blockchain has recently become the hottest topic in the capital market, and some state-owned banks are also leading the way in this field. On October 29, the reporter learned from ICBC that, relying on the advantages of financial technology, ICBC released an enterprise-level blockchain technology platform with independent intellectual property rights in 2018, with high-performance technical architecture, financial-level privacy protection solutions, National secret acceleration technology combined with hardware and software, and easy to expand cross-chain mutual access capabilities. At present, the platform has made more than 60 core technological breakthroughs, and submitted 41 patents. It is in the construction of enterprise-level financial security system, dynamic expansion and scaling of node resources, intelligent switching of consensus nodes and accounting nodes, and blockchain platform cluster resources. Surveillance, one-click networking of multiple blockchain products, and concurrent processing capabilities of blockchain based on Byzantine consensus have achieved breakthroughs in more than 60 scenarios such as fund transfer, fund clearing, fund allocation, and bank-enterprise interconnection , To launch safe and reliable blockchain services in the financial industry.

Although Metanet is not really perfect yet, the applications on BitcoinSV already have the prototype of Metanet, and applications such as Twitter on the chain, Weibo on the chain, and on the chain have been used on a small scale. In 2019, there are already more than 300 daily Internet applications like this on BitcoinSV, just as CSW expressed in the 2014 interview.

At the cryptographic level, apart from the more discussed algorithms for privacy calculations, in fact, I would like to introduce that in domestic applications, the national secret algorithm is also very important, and even how to integrate it into the entire blockchain solution. Is a very important link. The second is that we are talking about some performance optimization capabilities. Although our resources are like the Lustre algorithm, there is a very large space for how to improve it. How to continuously improve its capabilities. In fact, There is a relatively deliberate process. We have tried parallel optimization of blocks and optimization of multiple sub-chains.

Russian domestic news media RIANovosti reported on January 16 that Mikhail Mishustin, who was confirmed as prime minister earlier today, pointed out some key priorities for his work and outlEthereum difficulty predictionined the need for Russia to carry out institutional reforms. Sex.

Xiao Wei: Baidu Superchain has built a credible general basic capability for evidence storage, providing a one-stop electronic data security solution integrating evidence collection, evidence storage, evidence issuance, and legal assistance. It is currently arbitrating with the Internet Court, Guangzhou Internet Court, and Qingdao The Commission Office and other authoritative public prosecutors and law enforcement agencies synchronize across the chain, allowing electronic data to become evidence in court, reducing the cost of rights protection and improving judicial efficiency.

Now there are about 3 months left before the Bitcoin halving. There is no doubt that the most severely affected by the halving are miners. If the price of Bitcoin is still at the current price level after the halving, then this will cause huge losses to the mining industry. . If Bitcoin continues to stagnate, this panic may get worse as the halving approaches, and the mining industry may be facing its biggest turning point in several years.

In addition, he also actively lobbied outside: "Why don’t some projects make money? That is, a lot of investors’ money is spent in the name of technological projects. In the name of technological experiments, too much money is spent, and all these money are sold. Since the currency comes, the retail investors in the currency circle are not VCs and cannot afford to support expensive project parties. This creates a sharp contradiction between investors and project parties. To put it vividly, the project party only engages in technology every day and does not care. Currency price."