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In the second stage, the deEthereum redditposit pledge of ETH0 mainly comes from large Ethereum accounts (some are miners, project parties) and technical hobby supporters. On November 20th, among the 10,000 ETH of the current Ethereum 0 deposit contract address, more than 25% of the deposits came from 3 giant whales. According to the analysis of BisonTrails protocol expert ViktorBunin, one of the ETH whales deposited 1088 ETH on November 14th. These ETH were purchased during the 2017 bull market at a price of $300 and held at different addresses for more than three years . Another giant ETH whale deposited 504 ETH, which was hoarded four years ago. There is also a big ETH whale depositing 024 ETH. These are ETH held for three years. The big whale also holds another 50,000 ETH. Technical background Zhao Changpeng also stated on Twitter that he might buy 32 ETH to support the upgrade of Ethereum.

Some time ago, Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum, also published an article in his blog to summarize the latest application in this field, namely QuadraticFunding. Those who are interested can read this:

In the previous Lego arbitrage events of Compound, dydx, Kyber, Uniswap, and bZx, the WBTC fund pool used by attackers only accounted for 53%, which was approximately $6.4 million. However, the size of this fund pool is not small in Uniswap, ranking 11th, which is a medium scale. If assets of this size can be easily broken by attackers, the range of potential risky assets in DEX will cover most assets.

Last quarter, Ripple announced Xpring's new developer platform to make it easier for developers and entrepreneurs to build and use XRP on XRPLedger. This platform makes full use of open source technologies, protocols and networks, allowing 23 million developers around the world to easily realize payments in their products and services.

Recently, Bitcoin broke through $19,800 and hit a record high. According to CoinMarketCap's statistics, as of December 6, Bitcoin's annual growth rate has reached 1668%, and the increase since October alone has reached 817%. Regarding the motivation behind this round of bull market, the general market view is that the continuous deposit of institutions has driven the currency price to rise continuously. Among them, the big organization that has attracted much attention is Grayscale.

Buffett believes that Bitcoin's code can be copied, so Bitcoin is not as scarce as gold, so Bitcoin is worthless. However, the value of Bitcoin does not come from an asset like Bitcoin. The source of the value of Bitcoin and the logic of value growth lie in Bitcoin technology and the ideas behind this technology, as well as the inspiration this thinking brings to technology and socEthereum redditiety.

The increase in the number of total positions (total open positions) in the previous period was fully taken back in the latest period of data. The latest period of data dropped from 4,493 to 4,128, basically returning to the level at the end of August. . The total amount of open positions cannot change in the same direction for two consecutive weeks. To a certain extent, it shows the market’s entanglement. The recent see-saw situation in recent weeks is very similar to the market performance in March this year, which is the period before the official launch of the Mavericks market in the first half of the year. , And this seems to be a forward-looking signal for a new round of market outbreaks.

Although the concept of aggregator sounds very hard-core, it is actually one of the core features of the Internet. Platforms such as Amazon and Taobao Jingdong aggregate different businesses and users. Meituan Waimai aggregates tens of millions of catering and entertainment businesses. Didi Dache and Kuaishou Douyin are actually examples of aggregators.

Before V2 goes online, if users want to use part of their collateral to repay the loan, they must first take out the collateral, use it to purchase the borrowed assets, and then finally repay the debt and unlock the deposited collateral. This requires at least 4 transactions across multiple protocols, which consumes time and money, and this experience is not seamless. And this new feature allows users to directly use their collateral to repay in a transaction, thereby completing their loan positions-smooth and simple.