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The author of the article then discovered that Bitfinex's wallet was leaking a large amount of BTG. He tested it on Binance and found that Binance was not a receiving wallet. Based on the comparison of trading volume, the South Korean exchange Bithumb may be the recipient of these funEthereum to Bitcoin converterds. The author of the article believes that this is part of the whale distribution strategy, which will allow external retail investors to join in and increase prices so that the whale can be shipped smoothly.

The second is the popularity of 1C0 in 2017, which made investors including aunts and Korean aunts rush to the forefront of the market until finally disappeared. After this incident, the public opinion's attitude towards this field has become somewhat hesitant. But dialectically speaking, the exit of some people and every cleanup essentially promotes the progress of the market. More than a year after the 1C0 ban, we have seen that the market is actually developing in a healthy direction, and the industry has emerged Many high-quality projects and companies.

If digital renminbi is to be circulated internationally, it must first comply with renminbi's cross-border settlement management regulations. Under this premise, two issues need to be considered: one is to establish a digital cross-border payment system similar to the current RMB cross-border payment system (CIPS), and all banks that handle RMB business, including central banks and commercial banks They must have the ability to issue and withdraw digital renminbi, and prepare digital wallets for all institutions and individuals that use digital renminbi. And this process is more troublesome than the current system. The second is the entry and exit of offline digital currencies. All countries have quota regulations for the entry and exit of cash, and the customs will check it. How to check the entry and exit of digital wallets and how to manage cross-border payments? These issues need to be studied.

Every four years, the block rewards that Bitcoin miners can get are reduced by half, which is a halving event. The last halving occurred in July 2016, and the next halving is expected to occur in May 2020. According to Bitcoinblockhalf calculations, there are currently 141 days before the next halving. Although the price of Bitcoin has been fluctuating sideways recently without any major fluctuations, some people in the community believe that the halving may make its price soar, but there are also people who believe that the result of this halving may be unexpected. Now that the halving date is getting closer and closer, the community is hotly discussing this topic again.

80. Platform operators should conduct all reasonable due diligence on such virtual assets before including any virtual assets for trading on their platform and ensure that they continue to comply with all the criteria that are included in their platform. The following is a list (non-exhaustive) of factors that platform operators must consider when applicable:

The predecessor of CoverProtocol was SAFE, and the reissued Cover changed from the original insurance mining to ShieldMining. There are four tokens in Cover. DAI is used as collateral, CLAIM represents the claim right of the insurance demander, NOCLAIM represents the right of the insurance provider, and COVER is the governance token. 1CLAIM token + 1 NOCLAIM token ≈ 1 collateral, if a claim occurs,Ethereum to Bitcoin converter 1 CLAIM token ≈ 1 collateral, NOCLAIM token is reset to zero; if no claim is due, 1 NOCLAIM token ≈ 1 collateral, CLAIM token is reset to zero . This formula is commonly used in prediction markets. For example, in the 2020 U.S. election, the sum of the probability of Trump and Biden being elected president is close to that when Biden is elected president, the tokens that predict Trump's election will return to zero. Through this simple design, COVER makes it easier for users to participate in decentralized insurance. At present, COVER's products have covered the latest BadgerDAO, BasisCash and other agreements, and have already achieved PickleFinance claims.

When we are investing in digital currency and believing in Bitcoin, how many people dare to chat with friends, newcomers, and colleagues around them? For outsiders, many of them will use a regretful tone to persuade you not to play anymore. You talk to him about decentralization, and he tells you not to gamble; you talk to him about value investment, and he thinks you are crazy.