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In May of that year, Jianan Zhizhi began to submit a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which was intended to be listed at a market value of US$400 million, but the listing plan eventually fell through six months later. In November, the official website of the Hong KongEthereum Chart India Stock Exchange classified Canaan Zhizhi's listing application as invalid. According to relevant media reports, the stock exchange also had many doubts about Jianan Zhizhi's business model and prospects.

In short, retail investors tend to buy when prices are high because at this time, the asset has already attracted their attention through a series of other media. When the largest companies and leading influencers (regardless of their experience) are constantly guaranteeing them, and their prices are setting new historical highs day after day, it is difficult for retail investors to ignore of. However, at this time, it is also time for self-discipline to come into play, to be patient, and to avoid the urge to risk buying.

But Rome was not built in a day, because you have to give Bitcoin more time to grow. The good news is that Bitcoin has been operating normally 998% of the time since its inception, so the stability of the network itself is sufficiently reliable. However, if you want to benefit from something built on the Bitcoin network, you must not be shaken by the fluctuation of the currency price, but you must firmly walk on the Bitcoin network.

In the United States, the cloud computing industry produces the largest number of unicorns, followed by the financial technology industry. In recent years, artificial intelligence is increasingly creating unicorn companies. It is worth noting that the total valuation of the Fintech Unicorn is US$262 billion, at least four times that of the United States. This shows the demographic dividend of being a populous country.

For example, through Bitcoin ETF, traditional fund companies can also indirectly hold Bitcoin. When an investor buys a traditional fund, the fund manager can use part of the investor's funds to buy a small portion of Bitcoin ETFs. In this case, it is equivalent to increasing the funds invested in Bitcoin.

The supply chain financial products based on the blockchain platform realize the provision of on-chain evidence, data encryption, credit confirmation, and traceability for important bill information and contract information such as accounts receivable and accounts payable generated in supply chain transactions. And other functions. Services such as factoring financing of accounts receivable, e-commerce procurement financing of materials, corEthereum Chart Indiaporate credit, joint rewards and punishments.

It is reported that the central bank is also speeding up the research and development of digital currencies. On August 10, at the 3rd Yichun Forum of the Forty People in Finance, Mu Changchun, deputy director of the Payment and Settlement Department of the People's Bank of China, said that from 2014 to the present, the central bank's research on digital goods has been carried out for five years. Since 2018, the relevant personnel of the Digital Currency Research Institute have stepped up the development of digital currency related systems. The central bank digital currency can now be said to be ready to come out. Mu Changchun said.

There are many good and bad in the rapidly expanding DeFi field, but fundamentally speaking, many projects in this field are part of an important step forward for the decentralized financial system. The market value of Bitcoin is about $200 billion, which dwarfs the size of the DeFi market ($10 billion) and the market value of Ethereum (currently $43 billion). For DeFi to succeed, Bitcoin must play an important role. The cross-chain function provided by the integration of BTC and ETH (such as sBTC, tBTC, wBTC, etc.) can help achieve this result, and there may be money to be made.

Grayscale obtains revenue by charging currency-based management fees. At present, the annual management fee of BTCTrust is 2%, the annual management fee of ETCTrust and DigitalLargeCapFund is 3%, and the annual management fee of other products is 5%. These management fees will be directly deducted from the investor's share of the digital currency.

For anonymous digital currencies represented by Bitcoin, many countries have enacted stricter bans to prevent related illegal activities. In 2015, the US Commodity Exchange and Futures Commission did not recognize the currency status of digital cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but instead defined them as commodities. Japan, Canada and other countries have made some bitcoin trading activities illegal. In 2016, the American blockchain company R3 initiated the blockchain alliance of the same name, including more than 80 banks, financial institutions and regulatory agencies including Goldman Sachs and HSBC. R3's latest research report pointed out that what financial institutions need is an autonomous and controllable system that must be visible to supervision on the basis of ensuring transaction privacy. In 2018, the European Union plans to release specific drafts such as blockchain technology standards and crowdfunding regulations to establish common standards for blockchain technology.