Ethereum technical analysis

Please note that the blockchain is not necessarily related to the supply cap, and the supply of Bitcoin is credible, not because of the software settings. 21 million pieces are credible because it is based on decentralized governance and there are more and more network participants. 21 million has become an increasingly credible fixed number because more people participate in the consensus. As the share of the network controlled by each person becomes smaller and smaller, it eventually becomes a more reliable constant. With thEthereum technical analysise increase in the number of users, safety and practicality have kept up in step. The figure below shows the distribution and relative density of Bitcoin users worldwide (the following is a heat map of network nodes). As the coverage and density of each market increase, Bitcoin's position as a constant is increasingly consolidated.

On May 8, BiYong announced at its restructuring & upgrading strategy press conference that BiYongSG was strategically acquired by the Korean consortium ZooHoldings Group. BiYong was launched in 2017 and merged with BananaTok, South Korea's largest blockchain social platform, to form BiYongBananaGroup, which forms a blockchain social super platform for tens of millions of users across countries and languages.

But in fact there is no need to worry too much. The mining power of Bitcoin is an indicator of computing power-it can be used to generate new blocks to earn Bitcoin. Miners try to find a hash that meets the established standards by colliding hashes. At the same time, the computing power spent on the Bitcoin blockchain is used to ensure network security and process transactions

The reporter learned from an interview that on December 11, at the Oxford University CREDS meeting, a point was raised that the implementation of a national digital currency may challenge the existing energy system. This view believes that the central bank's digital currency will mainly support 500 million users in my country in the future, which will challenge the energy system in terms of terminal transaction frequency. This person is worried about whether the substantial increase in the demand for digital currency in the future will affect the progress of my country's sustainable energy transformation.

The main problem of notary technology is the need to trust a specific group of notaries, which violates the original intention of the blockchain, and the issue of trust will also bring a series of security issues. This may be the reason why there are fewer cross-chain projects except for the use of notary technology alone. However, notary technology is used as a technical point in various cross-chain transaction schemes. For example, in the Rootstock (RSK) project belonging to side chain technology, due to the use of joint mining, the computing power of the early RSK blockchain is likely to be Less than half of Bitcoin's entire network computing power. In order to prevent other computing power from 51% attacks on the RSK blockchain, the blocks of the RSK blockchain are packaged with the help of notary technology.

1inch has a more intimate function that will estimate the network cost of each DEX for users. Among them, the gas consumption of Uniswap and Oasis is significantly lower than other DEX. That is, on the premise of the same gas unit price, UnisEthereum technical analysiswap's "Gas consumption" is an order of magnitude less than other DEX. If Uniswap's network fee is $1, then Oasis is about $2, while other DEXs such as Kyber and Curve are close to $15.

According to Zhou Yue, the first phase of the China-Europe e-Single cross-border blockchain platform has realized the function of verifying the information of a single document. The first phase version is mainly used for import and export letter of credit business and cross-border remittance scenarios of banks and enterprises. At present, I have experienced two changes brought by the platform: First, it has improved the efficiency of business processing, reduced the time required to send a single order in the traditional way, saved costs, and promoted the facilitation of trade settlement;

Neither the Ice Age nor Ethereum Version 0 means the end of miners. Many of them will turn to mining other coins, such as Zcash or Ethereum Classic (EC). Those who mine ETH will have nothing to worry about in the near future. However, it is important to ensure that mining equipment can be repaid before transitioning to PoS.

The rapid development of global digital currency is facing new challenges. The People's Bank of China established a digital currency research institute in Shenzhen. The Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress announced today that the research report on promoting the construction of the Qianhai Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Cooperation Demonstration Zone believes that it is necessary for Shenzhen to conduct in-depth research on digital currency, promote digital currency pilots, and study the feasibility and main points content.

Output and popularity: BTC difficulty is lowered for the first time this year. The difficulty of BTC mining this week is 148T, which is a decrease of 0.06T compared to last week; the average daily computing power is 1194EH/s, which is an increase of 0.2EH/s compared to last week; the difficulty of mining ETH this week is 228 and 46 is higher than last week; The computing power is 184TH/S, an increase of 6TH/S from last week.